December 18, 2015

Albert Beger 4tet

The new Albert Beger Quartet marks an artistic radical turning point for him.
While in his previous works, Beger’s music was both written and arranged by him, the new quartet augments the music by adding depths and characters to the melodies and styles. Playing with the three young musicians results in a new fusion point that continues the path of searching and investigating by all four members of the group.
The music is a rich tapestry of colors and sounds, east meets west, classics meets avant-garde, the traditional meets the innovative, and it is the basis of a fascinating show. On stage, the quartet marks unrepeatable moments in present time. This evolving process Invites and raises curiosity in the audience and allows radiations in thick air to connect between the moments of tension and relief.


Shay Hazan (Bass)

Consider to be one of the busiest bass players in the local jazz scene. A very curious composer and creator.
A long acknowledgment between Albert and Shay from free improv in a duo set through lots of experimental jazz trios and of course the current 4tet, allows freshness and creativity in every confluence.


Milton Michaeli (Piano)

A composer on its own rights, graduate of the Jerusalem academy and one of the promising pianists in the local scene.
Milton is a researches of his own boundaries between the innovation and the traditional piano playing.


Adam Cohen(Drums & Percussion)

A unique and original musician who also finished his MA and BA in the Jerusalem Music Academy.Collaborates with Israel’s top creators in the field of music and dance.
as part of his own creation process,Over the years collected Adam a countless amount of “small-instruments” that are becoming an integral part of his and the 4tet sound.

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